Golden Bat Competition 2012 - Now not just for VC!
The Golden Bat Competition Summer 2012
Sponsored by Mantic Games – Building Big Armies

I am very pleased to announce Carpe Noctem's annual Golden Bat Painting Competition, sponsored by Mantic Games.

As usual we have a wealth of prizes, totalling over £200.00 in value! Even better this year the competition has grown to include the following:

-Non VC Categories, so any models including WH40K can be entered.
-Both Painting and Converting/Sculpting categories.
-Tier system to give everyone a fair chance
-New Awards, to recognise things other than painting, such as excellent basing, or realistic models.

It promises to be a lot of fun, so why not pop across to Carpe Noctem and check out the full rules here: LINK

Best of luck to all!

Disciple of Nagash

Carpe Noctem Administrator

Note to mods: I have a standing agreement with the site Admin for posting our competition. Any issues, please PM me.
That sounds cool and I would enter, however I'm not a member and the stipulations that I need to have 30 posts and 50 Zombies means I won't be able to enter this. I would have joined up but unfortunately this put me off. Good luck with the comp though I'll look forward to seeing the results. Maybe at the end of it you could put a quick link in here so we could see?

The restrictions how now been lifted for the Fantasy and 40 entries, so you can enter if you like Smile

On a side note, do you know that emails from this forum do not come up as Dogs of War but random characters?
That's good to know (about the first point) I may just join then. Undead was my first army to build so it might be an interesting forum.


In fact I issue a challenge to Dogs of War Online - shows us what you've got Tongue Can you beat CN's painters and converters?

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