Millsy's Dogs of War - New Pics 19-04-14
Hi All,

I've finally made a proper start on the painting. 10 days in and solid progress has been made. The full story so far plus more pics is over on our club blog ( but here's a few teasers...

Lucrezzia Belladonna and "consort"

[Image: Bella%2526Consort2.jpg]

Reggimento Bambini de Lucrezzia Belladonna

[Image: BellasBoys3.jpg]

Paymaster and Borgio the Besieger

[Image: Paymaster%2526Borgio.jpg]

Crossbows (first of at least two)

[Image: Crossbows2.jpg]

Cannon (first of waaaay too many! Ignore Bronzino's boys, they crept in)

[Image: Cannon.jpg]
Brilliant! I love the bold colors. I especially like Lucrezzia and her regiment in the green and white.
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Oh yes! These are some nice looking models. As said before, like the green/white combo - very crisp and bright coloring.
Holy crap these are awesome paint jobs! Roll on dude and have some gold.
Thanks for the positive feedback chaps. I'm ploughing through a pike regiment at the moment and I'm struggling a bit so this has fired me on.

Cheers for the gold too Willmark. I've already spent it buying some Marksmen of Miragliano on fleaBay. I hope my own personal paymaster doesn't notice Rolleyes

Right, enough slacking. Back to the painting table...
Hi Guys,

Back with another completed unit - Reggimento Pica de Belalcázar, or the Pike Regiment of Belalcázar. These are my first pike unit, a generic 24 man block with full command.

Full story over on the club blog (, but here's the pics...

[Image: Pike3.jpg]

[Image: Pike2.jpg]

[Image: Pike1.jpg]

And the flags...

[Image: PikeBanner2.jpg]

[Image: PikeBanner1.jpg]

Awesome! Excellent paintjob. Lucrezzia is adorable - I love the wine-red cloth.
Hi All,

Me again, back with another unit to add to the growing force. Including characters I've reached roughly the 1,500 point mark now. This time I present Evan the Black of Estalia and his band of sell-sword duellists. See our blog ( for the background on how a gentle man became a monster...

[Image: Duellists1.jpg]

[Image: Duellists2.jpg]

[Image: Duellists3.jpg]

[Image: Duellists4.jpg]
Ahh, Purple and Yellow, a bold choice and one I am appreciating for my own guys Smile
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Hi All,

Things have been a bit quiet while I worked on other projects. These have been added to the ranks recently though. As yet without a name so pop over to our club blog and have your 2c worth...

[Image: KnightsWithNoName.jpg]

[Image: KnightsWithNoName2.jpg]
Beautiful work mate !!!! Luv the army .
Beautiful painting on the minis. Very striking.
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Very nice looking bunch indeed, I like the red and white liveries particularly, (good find on the Harlequin mini's). The pike unit is pretty special too.
Wow, I come back after one year and find out some beautifully painted armies around the forum. Really nice work, my favourite would be the knights with the simple and stark color combination.
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[Image: dowomemsig.gif]
Hey guys, I'm a newbie and nice to see that. But couldn't get the whats wrong
with that. Something was being discussed about the dogs of war. I would need
bit more description. Hope for a nice time.
They've been a while in the works but these light cavalry have come up OK I think. Read the full story on my blog.

[Image: LightCavalry6.jpg]

[Image: LightCavalry2.jpg]

[Image: LightCavalry7.jpg]
Nice work there Millsy
This is beautiful!
Great painting!

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