Poll: Which entry should win Rules Contest 1?
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Entry #1- The Savage Knights
1 5.88%
Entry #2- Katta's Frakkers
1 5.88%
Entry #3- Stirland Sharpshooters
6 35.29%
Entry #4- Legio X Invicta of Remas
3 17.65%
Entry #5- Kisoi Gojo's Cavalry
1 5.88%
Entry #6- Vlad's Impalers
5 29.41%
Total 17 vote(s) 100%
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Regiment of Renown Contest- Voting Thread
[Image: rulescontest1.jpg]

As detailed here: http://dogsofwaronline.com/forum/showthr...p?tid=1234 its time to vote in the first ever Rules Contest on Dogs of War Online.

As always (so it seems) sorry for the delay in getting this posted in and amongst the craziness of my life I got pretty darn sick over the last week and had a ton of work to do on my house.

Rather then give all kinds of rules for voting I'm going to keep it simple: vote for what you believe to be the best rules for the Dogs of War.

A couple of things that may help with your voting: playability, balance, fluff, fun factor, originality. Again there are no hard and fast rules for this first time contest. Rather its as mentioned up to you to decide who is most deserving.

I'm pleased we had 6 entries which is the most we have ever had for a contest so kudos to everyone who entered! All entrants will receive 6 Gold Crowns for their efforts and the a medal will be awarded for the winner.

Also please do not discuss whose entry is whose until after the contest is over.

Poll is a timed one and will close in 14 days.


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I can see 3 units I want to build but I voted Impalers. Once the voting is over I would love to see models of the units to see what was used.
Great stuff, everyone!
Glad everyone liked the contest Wink
Some cool rules. Pretty sad I didn't get mine done, but couldn't work out a good background story for them. So good job those who entered.

(06-10-2011, 09:53 PM)Willmark Wrote: I'm pleased we had 6 entries which is the most we have ever had for a contest so kudos to everyone who entered!
That's not actually right. Golden Pike 4 had 8 entries Tongue.
Thank you for running the competition, and finding the time to actually get everything compiled and up for voting!
Only 16 votes?
Ok if all goes well I'll try to get the winners thread up tonight.
and the winner is.....????
Sorry again guys RL getting in the way, selling house and all. I'll try for later tonight.
Good luck with the house selling, I know that can be a real pain!

And don't worry too much about this thread, real life has to take priority.

We could have an unofficial announcement of winners if people want to come forward and state which unit they entered?
    Well I am happy to announce that my unit entry was Stirland's Sharpshooters. I had previous created it to take advantage of the fine Empire Engineer with repeater handgun and have soft spot in my heart to Halflings, plus added bonus I found a GW model that has one with a Hochland Long Rifle so additional tweaking to craft some solid well thought out unit rules for firing when charged and so forth here you go.
Good work sir Smile

I guess it's time to come forward and admit responsibility for Vlad's Impalers. It's a name I've wanted to use for a long time for an Undead pikeman unit (since the original Dogs of War book back in 5th ed I think) and only recently gotten around to fleshing out (so to speak).

When crafting them I looked to the general rules of ROR as followed by GW (obv there are exceptions to this) and also took inspiration from the Cursed Company.

No minis yet, though I have gotten hold of the stuff to do the conversions (drilling the brass rod into skeletal hands is going to be 'fun')
Congrats to you both (for 1st and second place), completely think yours two were the most deserving. The Sharpshooters could have used a bit more fluff imo, but the rules were great. The Impalers I feel were very well written on all fronts, but lost out a bit by being rather similar to the cursed company. Still, very good entries all in all!
Rema Victor...or actually third victor!

[Image: ImperialRomanLegionaires.jpg]
sample how they would look like as minis...not mine.

Of course the Legio X Invicta of Remas was made by the Tribun Wink
Well I do have a detailed fluff text for the Starpshooters, I however choose to not publish them for this project as I wanted the unit to be reviewed on the points value and special rules merits only. I will dig them up and publish the complete Regiment of Renown along with some better pictures.
Im not familiar with the Long Rifle halfling mini, I was planning on filing down a ratling sniper srom 40k
Yep Ed's winning entry was cool.

Time to award the medal methinks for it.

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