CityFight campaign coming soon!
Hey everyone! We're (me and a couple others, myself not being in much of a position of authority) running a small campaign, starting very soon, and we always need more players!

Here, I'll repost the official announcement:

Quote:Hello everyone!

A campaign is starting on May 2nd... CityFight!

The stage is Nez, a small, fortified coastal town just north of Lyonesse. This town is about to become the stage for a brutal struggle for power between five warring factions!

While this conflict rages, there are things taking place in the shadows... The murder of a noble lady brings her brother to isolate himself from the war. Instead, he plans to hunt down the killer, and make him pay in blood. A web of political intrigues ensnare those who are careless enough to disurb them. And underneath it all, an unknown group of conspirators moves to seal the fate of Bretonnia once and for all...

So join now! Fight for ground, or fight for riches! No less than eleven resources may be gathered to help your faction, or to help yourself! Choose a side and determine the fate of Nez, of Bretonnia, and possibly the Old World!

Registration begins now! Check out for the forum, and for the campaign site!

Hope to see you soon!


The CityFight campaign team

Hope to see you there! The more the merrier!
I'm currently a knight, but someday I have dreams of advancing to Asarnil Dragonlord.

Not a Bretonnian knight, though. I want to be one of those cool Arabyan Mamluks.
Hmmm chance to wreck havoc in Bretonnia? Never a bad thing.

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