Forgeworld Landship
Great stuff for us. Better pic of the Landship:

Could be damn cool as a center piece of a Dogs of War force. (Yes I know it was announced last year).
I intend to buy one in about May, as I don't have the time to get one now. If you look at the fw site and look at the pictures, the captain is very Sartosary looking.

I intend to use him as a merc captain, or to have him lead some duelists, as it's just too good a sculpt to leave on the landship, which I'll rarely use. If it didn't have such a stupid looking pistol, I'd say the captain is one of my favourite miniatures, and they probably should release him just by himself, as I think many people that can't afford the landship would pay £12 for him.
Totally picking up one of these bad boys.
I am getting one to anchor my Empire Pirates/Marienburg army, my spring project. Hopefully ordering it in the next couple of days.
Finally finished mine.

[Image: DSC03123.jpg]

How would you work it into a Dogs of War army?
Good lord that thing is awesome!
That model is awesome. I would mount cannons on it and a large paychest to make it fit Smile

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