[8-14-18] Willmark's Warband of Nippon- Dogs of War 2nd/3rd edition style
Inspired by this I think it's time to go all in for the Dogs of War. Or more appropriately a Warhammer Army based on Nippon.

[Image: c22nipponrocketcrew.jpg]

Nippon Rocket Crew at the Stuff of Legends

Much like my buddy clam and his at Chaos Dwarfs Online Marauder Mini Quest(s) over at CDO I think this will start out as a collecting quest. My goal is practical as well because right now almost all my Warhammer stuff is packed up in preparation for a move.

So with that said I'll be chronicling my adventures here. First off is eBay as I want at least two of the war rockets and their crews. This will work well as I plan on using my force as a "count as Empire" for those times that I can't field them as Dogs of War for whatever reason.

The force is going to be built from Perry Miniatures Age of War Samurai Armies range along with the old Nippon range from GW via eBay or Bartertown. I think this will be the better way for me to go as it will look more GW in it's style. I have a good number of Legends of the five rings minis but don't like most of them; we'll see on that front.

For "pikeman" I'm going to use these guys from Perry Miniatures: http://www.perry-miniatures.com/index2.html

As noted in the marketplace the basic idea is a core of Ronin samurai that have left Nippon and are now mercs. Regiments of Renown possibilities are endless too.

The paint scheme won't be decided until later obviously but the idea is they are a bunch of for pay soldiers now with all that entails.

I've not given much thought to the paymaster yet... Perhaps a wagon full of Koku? (Rice). It would be a nice in joke for me personally as I love rice... open to suggestions here.

Another great thought I had is replacing Asarnil with a oriental dragon as a fine centerpiece.

Anyways, time to start watching for old Nippon minis on eBay.
Just hit on another idea: the old Citadel range from GW had a boatload of Ninjas. I'm thinking the could make great, or at least characterful stand in for Duelists.

However these guys could work too: http://www.perry-miniatures.com/images/sam/SAM%2031.jpg Especially for detachments when used as "Count As" for Empire.
Depending on the style you want to go for, the Hasslefree Martial Artists may be a decent fit. Am using them in my Dogs of War as Duellists.
Thanks but I think I'm going old school as in something like these guys for Samurai (Ronin) and heroes:
Oriental Heroes at the Stuff of Legends

Then these guys for Ninja:
Ninjas at the Stuff of Legends
Ninjas at the Stuff of Legends
Ninjas at the Stuff of Legends

Older Oriental Heroes:
Older Oriental Heroes at the Stuff of Legends

Another interesting thought is this for Heavy Cav:
Temple Dog Riders! http://www.solegends.com/misc/east89flytemplex.jpg

Damn these might be better then the Perry Minis:
Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!
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Leave them on the shelf
Looks like I have 3 crew out of the 4 secured and the rocket itself! Huzzah! My plan is a good one as I only need three crewman. Why you ask? Because I plan on using the Rocket as a "Count as" Halfling Hot Pot...

It appears I have 700 posts, huzzah again!
Sounds like you've got a pretty awesome plan Willmark.
I do. For my mounted wizard I'm going to model a Geisha along the lines of the Legendary Geisha from Shogun: Total War!
i have an entire army of perry samurai, they fit better than curtheys!
TheBorderPrincessPrincei have an entire army of perry samurai, they fit better than curtheys!

Really? How so? Scale? Any photos I can take a look at?

Also just secured these from my buddy Baggronor from Chaos Dwarfs Online.

[Image: nippon_initial_minis1.jpg]

[Image: nippon_initial_minis2.jpg]

[Image: nippon_initial_minis3.jpg]

I should also be lining up the fan guy and the lighter guy to make it a crew of three and thus my stand in (count as) for a Halfling Hot Pot is complete.
Have you tried the Kingsford line? They're closer to the current GW scale.


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Cool theme for a log Smile Looking forward to seeing how it progresses
Guys pictured above have been secured. Now need to get two more crewmen for the rocket launcher.
Sounds like a cool idea!

And I just happened to win a few hundred figs on Ebay a month or two ago....

The old Clan War ones, I'll have to go look through them! Is the Nipponese rocket launcher expensive on Ebay, due to its age?
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I think I might finally be getting around to my long put off army...

Right now I'm sourcing box sets from various manufacturers and figuring out my battle plan. Additionally I'm looking over what I have in terms of GW minis.

Ohhh and to get myself in the mood to create: a Shinto torii gate for some terrain.  Sorry first picture is a bit washed out due to the flash.

[Image: nippon_terrain1.jpg][Image: nippon_terrain17.jpg]
As noted on CDO:
Update #1
Almost complete with but a few parts to touch up on the spear and hat my first model is rounding to form for my Army of Nippon. The eyes need a bit of work too. When I created my Chaos Dwarf Army I started with a single model to kick it off so I figured I would do the same here.

I wouldn't put too much stock into the color scheme as I don't think I'm going to repeat it to any large degree in the army.

In terms of fluff he is the local priest that accompanies the army to battle. The Damiyo is not a particularly religious man, but allows the priest access to his flock.

This model is an important step for me as its probably the first model Ive painted in 2-3 years. All of my stuff was packed up from 2010-2012 in preparation of the move to my new house. I noodled around with stuff but didnt actually paint anything. This figure is also important as I haven't painted anything other then hobbos, Chaos Dwarfs and orcs in years.

[Image: nippon_shoei_priest2.jpg]
Update here are the ninjas I'm looking for if anyone is looking to sell them:

[Image: nippon_ninjas_I_have_1.jpg]

[Image: nippon_ninjas_I_have_2.jpg]
Some quick pics of the assembling Host of the East (need to catch up from CDO).

I'm attempting to assemble the army with being able to run it as a Dogs of War force if I want to. Also looking at how do I run it as a 3rd edition force, as I might get back into that version of the game as well.

Lots of ghastly, unpainted metal and some that needs to be stripped. Along with the ashigaru I just ordered the army has a good core to start. I'm just not sure of the size of the figures here as they are from the Legends of the Five Rings game; the Warfoundry minis might be too big in comparison. I'll have to wait and see.
[Image: nippon_armyshot1.jpg]

Here is a shot of the unfortunate giant. I'm painting him like he was from the Old World and the Daimyo captured him and brought him back to Nippon.
[Image: warhammer_giant9.jpg]

The war rocket I got from Baggronor which I'll eventually repaint. Since it didn't have all the crew members I had some oriental sappers that will fill the bill.
[Image: nippon_rocket_launcher6.jpg]

And some ninja from the same guy across the pond:
[Image: nippon_ninjas4.jpg]

And as an added bonus the ad I was looking for from WD featuring some of the Ninja I'm going for. Eventually much like Clam @ CDO in his Marauder mini quest, I'm going to try and collect one each of the ninjas. I have three more coming and might have a line on another locally.
[Image: ninja_wd_ad.jpg]
Update #5
I figured a good place to start was the same place I did with my Chaos Dwarf army: I started with a spell caster then my Hellcannon. Funny I did the same thing here: first a spell caster then rocket launcher (more pics on that later).

Even though my burgeoning force is a mobile mercenary one they still have some heavy artillery, in the case of the mortar is able to be man-handled around by the artillerymen. On campaign they haul it via wagon. Since I plan on creating this force with an eye towards using it as a Dogs of War force as well it will be part of the armies baggage. Baggage is also an important part of 3rd edition Warhammer which I'm also taking into account as I assemble the army.

For additional inspiration as to what type of force I'm also drawing inspiration from GRRRM's tale "A Song of Ice and Fire". In this case I'm drawing inspiration from the Windblown. While perhaps not as blood thirsty the Windblown, the Daimyo lord is ruthless in battle none-the-less.

At this stage here are the WIP pics of the mortar. Enjoy.

[Image: nippon_mortar8.jpg]

[Image: nippon_mortar9.jpg]

[Image: nippon_mortar10.jpg]

[Image: nippon_mortar11.jpg]

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