[8-14-18] Willmark's Warband of Nippon- Dogs of War 2nd/3rd edition style
Update #4
I finally got my ashigaru (infantry) troops from Warfoundy. They are nice models all in all and multi-part akin to the zombies from GW in terms of assembly. They are going together nicely and I have been noodling around with various poses but nothing to major yet. For $30 US with shipping, I cant complain as they are a low cost way tp bulk out the force. While I assemble them my thoughts are turning towards a Ronin type force, with the Damiyo as a mercenary leader more then a great lord.IF I go that route I'll have to to come up with a reason for the presence of Sohei halberdiers, my count as Demigryphs and generals mount...

Anyways here are some pics:
[Image: nippon_ashigaru_spear5.jpg]

[Image: nippon_ashigaru_spear1.jpg]

[Image: nippon_ashigaru_spear2.jpg]

Of special importance is this guy, from the 3rd edition Warhammer army rulebook:
"The kamikaze suicide squads of Nippon go into battle as human bombs carrying either a cask of black powder or a bandolier loaded with individuals charges."

Either? Pfffftttt. My kamikaze has both! Seriously, if I wanted to play 3rd edition Warhammer I'm all set. as is he makes a fun model and a quick conversion.  Its an old metal set of barrels I had kicking around and powder charges from dwarf sprues, cant get any easier then that. Moral of the story? Never through anything away.

[Image: nippon_kamikaze1.jpg]

[Image: nippon_kamikaze2.jpg]
Minor update
The size of my force of ninjas continues to increase. Through eBay purchases ans CDO Ive doubled the amount of ninja my Damiyo has at his disposal, so well on my way! Still looking for more however. Haven't decided how I want to utilize them in game, part of me says use them as Empire- Free companies, after all there is the Law of Diminishing Ninjas

[Image: nippon_ninjas9.jpg]

Still many more to go, but I'm pleased with the start I have. Here is my marketplace thread with the ones I need: Willmark's Want List for Ninjas
Minor update
My unit of Ashigaru armed with yari (spears) continues to grow. I will most likely eBay for a few more sprues to round out the unit. The leader and the champion of the unit are going to be Citadel Oriental miniatures, just haven't decided on which one yet.

[Image: nippon_ashigaru_spear3.jpg]

[Image: nippon_ashigaru_spear4.jpg]
Minor update

Here is my first ninja painted up. I undercoated white which I don't normally do so hopefully the colors in the army will stand out more.

In all fairly pleased with him and cant wait to get the rest of his cohorts purchased and painted. Game-wise I'm settling in on this:
8th edition: hunters (scouts) or contingents
3rd: Scouts
Dogs of War: Duellists
NOTE: these are crappy pics, I'll gave better ones up later.
[Image: nippon_single_ninja1.jpg]

[Image: nippon_single_ninja2.jpg]

[Image: nippon_single_ninja3.jpg]
Update #6
Main camera is still on the fritz so I had to make do. Here is at least a slightly better pics of the first ninja.

[Image: nippon_single_ninja4.jpg]

Here are some WIP pics of my mortar. Its complete at this stage in terms of construction. Noticed these are the same as on page 1, Oh well!
[Image: nippon_mortar10.jpg]

[Image: nippon_mortar11.jpg]

I've also been a busy little Daimyo working on my Nippon Castle. Right now the rough shape is rounding to form (pizza boxes FTW!) Also I started gluing on what will be the stone base, piece by piece :o

In any event I may need to rethink my idea of a mercenary force with a domicile like this...

[Image: nippon_castle17.jpg]

[Image: nippon_castle18.jpg]

Oh and look what came in the mail today. He arrived with a few other minis but I was really looking forward to this one. I've wanted to acquire it since the 3rd edition mercenary rules.

[Image: nippon_samurai_archer1.jpg]
Minor update
Compared to the pace of my Chaos Dwarf army a few eons back this army is going much, much slower. That in and of itself is not a bad thing I think. I am positively having a great time assembling the army however.

Anyways, here is a few more WIP shots of the scratch built mortar and artillery base. I'm nearing completion of the base with but a few more things to go and have started on some of the colors of the crew. I think I'm going to paint a mon (Japanese symbol akin to heraldry) on the pavasise(s).

[Image: nippon_mortar12.jpg]

[Image: nippon_mortar13.jpg]

[Image: nippon_mortar14.jpg]

[Image: nippon_mortar15.jpg]

And the crew out of the artillery base:
[Image: nippon_mortar16.jpg]

The last is the torri arch which is nearly done as well; the symbol needs a bit of touch up, I'm toying with writing on the two pillars, but so far I am shying away from it.
[Image: nippon_terrain16.jpg]

In terms of army expansion I already have the following:
30 Clan Wars samurai with swords (will run as swordsmen- will expand to 40).
18 Citadel ninja (will go to 40+ once I get one of each minis!)
25 Ashigaru spearmen (probably 40) from war foundry
7 Citadel samurai and ronin (6 more on the way)
1 Nippon Rocket and crew
The citadel Nippon dragon is on its way after a good trade! (I know its going to be smaller then I might otherwise like the mini...)

I have been working over my idea for ogres in this army and think I have struck up a good one, but not telling yet.

So far problems to be resolved have mostly revolved around the count as Empire demi-gryph Knights, I know exactly what I want to model them but just I cant find the right models for them after two strike outs. Stay tuned for that.
This is all coming together very well and your castle looks amazing so far. I wish I had your dedication and modeling spirit!
Yeah it's been fun thus far but significantly slower then I would like. These days my time is limited and I have been messing with trades in my spare time to get the minis I need.

In any event it's fun because I loved the Nippon figures BITD - and always wanted to add a Nippon mercenary contingent in the 3rd edition days, but only really Dark elves could use them.

Add to the fact that being I was in my impressionable pre-teen years in the 80s when Ninja were all the rage I'm a natural for this army.
Shameless plug here, but if you are looking for some more inspiration to your army, feel free to have a look at the army book I made for them (unless you haven't already): https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B_Redi9c...sp=sharing Wink
Yep I've seen it but haven't read through it recently, need to put it on my to do list.
Looks great so far!
Update #6
Assembly of the army of the Far East continues. While I'm still slowly finishing off the mortar crew I started to work on the Rocket Launcher (the mortar crew only needs about 2 hours to finish so i need to buckle down). Through a recent trade I picked up another of the crew-member for the rocket but he was missing the top part of the rocket. A bit of gray stuff, wooden skewers and some very thin plasticard later and boom 2nd crew member. I mainly noodled around tonight with the screen and the rocket stand.

[Image: nippon_rocket_launcher4.jpg]

[Image: nippon_rocket_launcher3.jpg]

[Image: nippon_rocket_launcher7.jpg]

Through my last trade my unit of classic citadel spearmen has been started. I have another trade that will add 4 more. I'm planning to get them to 30-40. The last spearmen unit im planning will be a online purchase and will represent sohei monks.
[Image: nippon_samurai_spear1.jpg]

In general my pace is going very slow which has been bothersome but at least I haven't lost interest while I get models. This is a very odd situation for me as I'm creating an army without stopping into the FLGS once... its all trades through websites or online purchases on eBay.

More to come as I assemble the Warband.

Oh, and the Citadel Oriental Dragon from BITD? Its waaaaay too small:
[Image: nippon_dragon1.jpg]
Looking good! Shame about the dragon being small, maybe it could find use as a counts-as DemiGryph?

Reminds me, I need to dig out those Nippon rockets etc. again and see about sending them your way.
Zark not believe in Democracy. We go left!
Yes please do!
Castle Update
Didn't feel like working on the army tonight so I worked on the castle instead. That's one nice thing about doing both simultaneously, I can work on the one that strikes my interest on a given night.

Right now I'm at the major milestone for the castle it wont be getting any taller. For scale I think its good compared to GW scenery or other scenery I've made, but as I've said all along. Castles are big! The Castle is based on this one:
[Image: kakegawa3.jpg]

I didn't take any close ups of the roofs but Ive worked out a way to do terra-cotta looking roofs. I take large sheets of cardboard ans soak them for a few minutes to loosen the glue. Once its loosens its a simple matter to pull off the parts you want. Let them dry and when ready glue them on. (the masking tape is bracing stuff while it dries.)

I vaguely remembered the idea form a White Dwarf and sure enough I dug out issue #266 and the article was there.

I also have some left over Spackle to use to fill in ends of walls where the cardboard shows through and other goofs spots.  

Next up is glue the third level roofs (they are only taped right now and finishing the upper deck and upper roof. From there its time for more roof sections. The base with what will be stone is a job for when I feel like doing something mindless Wink

Anyways here it is as it stands now.
[Image: nippon_castle11.jpg]

[Image: nippon_castle12.jpg]

[Image: nippon_castle13.jpg]

[Image: nippon_castle14.jpg]
As noted on CDO, going forward I'm only going to be updating my blog of my Nippon force here and no where else. Now I have to decide what "rules" Im going to build it for. I rarely play Warhammer but enjoy the hobby aspect. So perhaps as a 3rd Edition army?
Before I go too much on other minis I want to wrap this up. Anyone have any of the ones listed I need?

[Image: nippon_ninjas_I_have_1.jpg]

[Image: nippon_ninjas_I_have_2.jpg]
Update #7
Here is the mortar closing in on being complete. The yellow is a poorly done attempt at a Mon (a Japanese crest which I'll be painting over). The spike is from a chaos marine 40k sprue! I might cover up part it of with some more arrows and some shields too. I obviously haven't painted it yet... Lastly I'm eyeing adding some rivets to the front to break the monotony of the, green pavaises.

[Image: nippon_mortar5.jpg]

[Image: nippon_mortar6.jpg]

[Image: nippon_mortar7.jpg]

Later tonight if all goes well I'll have an update of Castle #2. I was not satisfied with the look of the first one nor its size so I'm shelving it for now. What I am working on is a smaller keep that can double as a watch tower for terrain. Later, I plan movable walls so I can arrange them to my liking. With the keep tower it fits my evolving idea for the army: my Damiyo is a scummy free-booter general in the true vein of a Dogs of War warband, which is as it should be. As such he should not have an elaborate castle, but a run down, smaller one that he sallies for for gold and glory.

More pics later tonight of the wip if all goes well.
Update #8
Sorry I didn't get the pics up last night but here are some WIP shots of my Damiyo's retreat. Not a massive sprawling castle like a of a mighty feudal lord of Nippon but a smaller keep. The courtyard will be rough stones, a bit of weeds and certainly not a well kept zen garden. The Lord of my warband is a mercenary leading questionable ronin!

Still haven't decided what rules the army will be constructed under, but that is still a long way off as I gather minis.

The foam will be filled out with some green stuff (gray stuff actually) to fill gaps. When the time comes I'm going use the ball point pen method to draw stones bu impressing into the foam.

[Image: nippon_terrain6.jpg]

[Image: nippon_terrain7.jpg]
Update #9

Bit more of an update on the small castle/watch tower as it evolves. Even after these photos I worked on it a bit more, mainly filling gaps on the base. In all its coming together well. In fact as I continue to gather old school Nippon minis terrain making has been fun.

[Image: nippon_terrain8.jpg]

[Image: nippon_terrain9.jpg]

[Image: nippon_terrain10.jpg]

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