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Golden Pike V Winner!
Sorry about the delay guys, life has been a bear this year.

[Image: goldenpikelogo5.jpg]

Golden Pike IV
The purpose of Golden pike V was to create a Ogre for your force. And once again we had a low turn out. Not sure why either as we thought it was pretty wide open. Perhaps next time we will have a poll to see what people want to do. Look for that next year.

This time around the winner was Someone2040 with his cool Ogre!
[Image: goldenpike5_entry_2_1.jpg]
[Image: goldenpike5_entry_2_2.jpg]

I will be adding his winning entry to the Golden Pike Hall of Fame galleries as well as awarding the Golden Pike- Gold Medal.

I'd also like to congratulate Tribun for being the other entrant! Great stuff guys.

Look for the next contest sometime early next year.

What? Not until next year! But that's forever, how could you...
*looks at calendar* Oh. Never mind.

Congrats to the two who entered.
I'm currently a knight, but someday I have dreams of advancing to Asarnil Dragonlord.

Not a Bretonnian knight, though. I want to be one of those cool Arabyan Mamluks.
Congrats! I will be looking forward to the next go around as well.
hopefully it'll be something i have lying around in my 'to paint' box.
Great job!
congrats to the winner!
Thanks fellas.

A bit dissapointing there weren't more entrants. I painted my Ogre even though I've stopped my Dogs of War army for now (So painted it specifically for this). These contests are good ways to add bits and pieces to your collection to add something different to what you've currently got on your painting table. So hopefully there'll be a few more entrants next time.
Congrats to the winner
Nicely done!
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