Warhamer Armies: Dogs of War version 4.0 out now!
Today is a great day for you Dogs of War players! Because today we officially release version 4.0 of the list, fully updated to 8th edition with a complete background for the mercenaries of Tilea, an updated bestiary, army list, magic items and everything else you would expect from an army book (except for the gallery section, which you will have to live without for a while).
Also released is the accompanying booklet "Regiments of Renown" which lists all the famous RoR's made by GW from 1998 to 2005, a total of 27 regiments!

Numbering over 160 pages, this is the ultimate source of mercenaries for Warhammer ever made!

Please let us know of any bugs, misprints and the like you might encounter, and tell us how the list fares in your games if you playtest it, all to help us further improve the list in the future.

Happy gaming to you all!

[Image: dowcover.jpg]

Download links:


Alternative Download:
Thank you, noticed a couple of other Army Books there, I'll follow you on Scribd.
Sorry, I'm getting errors in Adobe Reader from pages 69 to 74.
No, don't worry, I redownloaded it and it came out okay.
Good to hear, I was trying to download it of Scribd at work and it kept timing out so I could check this issue out, glad I can stop trying Smile
Looks great! I've only had a quick look at the lists so far but noticed a typo at the last page in RoR part. It's in the statline for Ghazak Khan. Where is should say "Ghazak" it says "Gotrek".

That's all I've found so far though. Gonna print it at work and have a nice evening reading it.

Good work!
*sigh* no dwarf cannoneers, no spear or light armour option...
Seems like the good ole marauder crew remains on the shelf.
Still, well done!
which units are ya talking about for spear/light armour?

The cannons would be Tilean cannons most of the time since they have the scientific know how plus manfacturing capabilities, or abandoned empire cannons etc.. Dont know if any race has an "upgrade to dwarf crew" type of upgrade for their warmachines!
Seems great to me so far. Will see whether WH community adopts it or not.
Nevertheless I'm going to try it out today :-)
Yet another great Army Book from M4cR1II3n.

Congrats to the team that put it together, lots like the original but with the cheesy jokes and a couple of troop types added. Like it at first glance, but will give it a proper read and compare to some of the other AB's out there.

Noticed a couple of glitches; like mention of Mercenary Army Section with photo's of figures you ca/could use, but the section isn't in the AB.

Outstanding effort all in all though.
Thanks, but I can hardly take the credit myself, it was a team effort through and through (except for the graphic design Tongue).

A gallery section will be added in the future though, so the text mentioning it is going to be there, it's just a little ahead of the actual gallery section Wink
(10-06-2010, 04:55 PM)Rumor Wrote: which units are ya talking about for spear/light armour?
I had an army once.Sad
(10-06-2010, 04:55 PM)Rumor Wrote: Dont know if any race has an "upgrade to dwarf crew" type of upgrade for their warmachines!
As every other army recruits from it's own this is to be expected.
Dogs of war would not be bound by this dogma. They would hire THE BEST!Big Grin
While that would be fine and all, you gotta put a limit somewhere, even for Dogs of War Wink
It's really very well done. Great job.
I've already came across some unclear parts. Should I mail it to you?

And let me know, where the idea of Espringals come from? Thx
You could just post them here on the forum, either in this thread or one of the feedback threads.

Don't remember where the Espringals idea came from, think it might have been Bilbo. They are based on the Roman Scorpions, or just the smaller medieval ballista with the same name Wink
Yep and I just bought 3 of these to convert up as them Big Grin

Way ahead of you, ordered those a year ago!

I got them two weeks ago... Dodgy
LOL!!! I ordered them 2 weeks ago...got em this week...
Lucky you, I'm still waiting for the rest of my Saracens...
Ok, what I just remember now.

RoR - page 3 third paragraph - you have forgotten to remove the "character slots" sentence (or probably change it to %)
- page 51 - "Galloper gun flees 3D6" " also doesn't work in 8th. ed.
I'm also missing unit types in RoR, because it is not obvious, wheter eg. galloper guns have Swiftstride or not.

Dogs of War - when you can use the magic item Deckcsweeper? is it shooting weapon?
Good points, I'll fix them soon.

And yes, the decksweeper fires in the shooting phase, where ranged weapons and breath attacks are commonly used Wink

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