The Paymasters Tent ... Tertius (re)builds the Cursed Company
I am starting a paint log to show my attempts to bring my Dogs of War Army back out of mothballs. I last played this Army back in the early 2000s (I think). These are (from memory) the troops I could select from:

1x Mounted mercenary general (on Pegasus)
1x Mounted wizard
1x Wizard on foot
1x Albion wizard on foot
3x Fenbeasts
Gotrex and Felix

2x Albion Giants + Druid
16x Pirazzo's lost legion
5x Volands venators
8x Braganza’s Besiegers
8x Minotaurs (name escapes me)
9x Al Muktars desert dogs
10x Rugluds armoured orcs
6x Golfarg’s Armored Ogres
12+ Cursed Company

Other units
16x spearmen
12+ Duellists
1-2 cannons
5x vanilla heavy cavalry
5+ crossbowmen
16x Halberdiers

I have had to move/repack/store away my Warhammer collection several times since then. So the first thing I will work on is the Cursed Company. I always had this ambition to augment the authentic Citadel figures, Ruchter Krieger[sp?] etal., with as many other different metal skeleton figures as I can find, so that I ended up with a unit that looked like it had ‘recruited’ members from every other old world Army that existed. I'll be hunting up the old figures from storage, ordering new things, plus rooting thru the odds and ends of my figure collection to see what I might unearth. 

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