The most trusty Mercs in the universe!
Hi fellow Mercs, I'm a long time returnee to my first love, the infamous Dogs of War. But I'm not surprised to see after almost 20 year since 1998, the Dogs' human ranges still stand as the best mass-combat sculpts GW and Perry bros ever graced the miniature world. Now my target is getting at least 36 of each Alcatani Fellowship, Republican Guards, Leopards and Lost Legion to feature in my self-play game (I'm probably the only Warhammer Fantasy, not least Dogs of war player in the whole country I'm currently residing  Undecided) Ebay bidding wars have been exorbitant so far but I have managed to get on 36 Alcatanis and 32 Republican guards. This thread will be the chronicle of the work I do to revive my long dormant affection of my youth.

First in the line of honor is Lorenzo Lupo, my favorite and most used Mercenary General (in the house rule, his shield can stop D3 attacks but only from one attacker, like in the 5th Edition).

[Image: 1NZB4Hw.jpg]

[Image: JjErVtQ.jpg]

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The most trusty Mercs in the universe! - by mahbruck - 01-22-2017, 07:22 AM

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