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Dogs of War Online 3.0 - Willmark - 01-18-2015

Just to let everyone know I'm in the process of upgrading the site to a new version of the MyBB software and layout. As of right now, the site is good where its hosted and there will be plenty of time/warning before the update is made.

Basically this is a "You heard it here first type of Announcement."


RE: Update 1-18-15 - Willmark - 02-01-2015

Ok if all goes well I will be upgrading the site next Saturday. So that means plan for the site being off line on 2-7-15 in the evening EST. I'll make a post at that time when the board goes off line.

RE: Update 1-18-15 - dogsPaymaster - 02-01-2015

I hope it will be a smooth operation for you! success Willmark!!

RE: Update 11-17-18 - Willmark - 11-19-2015

Alright after some "fun" I had to roll-back the forum to 11-14-15.

Good news is I've installed a second forum to test things on. It's on the latest version and changes will happen there first in terms of the new layout and theme.

Once that's done I'll be backing up the site, then updating the MyBB. After that new theme.

Before all that I'll be working on re-installing the Wiki and the gallery sections.

RE: Update 11-17-18 - Willmark - 11-19-2015

First order of business is cleaning up and refurbishing the forums and sub-forums. First up is renaming and consolidating as needed.

RE: Update 11-17-18 - Willmark - 11-19-2015

Also on the list is updating and re-adding the gallery and wiki sections in the header.

RE: Update 11-17-18 - dogsPaymaster - 11-20-2015

doing a lot of work, Willmark! Cheers!

RE: Update 11-17-18 - mdivancic - 11-20-2015

Thanks Willmark. Much appreciated.

RE: Update 11-17-18 - Willmark - 11-20-2015

Indeed guys, slow measured pace. No rushing. First big step will be the upgrade of the forum software. Im anticipating that for Sunday night EST.

RE: Update 11-17-18 - Willmark - 11-20-2015

Also on the punch list is upgrading the anti-spam measures. For some reason Russia loves this site...

RE: Update 11-17-18 - Willmark - 11-27-2015

Hello all- registration is off for the next few days, huge amounts of spambot registering. It will be on after I put some new anti-spam measures in place.

RE: Update 11-17-18 - Willmark - 12-20-2015

So it looks like late January for the site look and feel update. I'll keep everyone posted.

First up is updating the site to the newest version of MyBB.

RE: Update 1-2-16 - Willmark - 01-02-2016

Work continues behind the scenes with a new theme, stay tuned. As noted previously, the version of MYBB the board runs on will be updated as a next step.

RE: Update 1-2-16 - Willmark - 01-05-2016

Updates behind the scenes continue. I'm skating this weekend for updates to the site in terms of mybb (i.e. the forum software).

RE: Update 1-2-16 - Willmark - 01-07-2016

Updates continue and site has been renewed for another year. Within the next two days (if all goes well) step one of updating the site software will be compete so expect a different look to it for about 24 hours.

Next up will be the new theme, hopefully on Saturday if all goes well there.

RE: Update 1-15-16 - Willmark - 01-15-2016

UPDATE: Updates will commence very soon next 24-48 hours. Be prepared for some things to not work while I sort through them.

RE: Update 1-15-16 - Willmark - 01-21-2016

As you can see the board has been updated. Next step is to load the new theme. Not sure on timeframe for that, stay tuned.

RE: Update 1-15-16 - Willmark - 01-21-2016

Also on the docket is fixing the navigation along with disabling all the old plugins. Then I'll re-add slowly the ones that make sense.

RE: Update 1-15-16 - Willmark - 01-23-2016

Ok may not look like it but working on a bunch of behind the scenes stuff on the site, with the jump to MyBB 1.8 there are a lot of plugins that are not working correctly so it the theme will need to take a back seat. Don't worry however that is underway but I can't give a glimpse of what that will look like just yet. Nothing fancy but inline with our old one.

RE: Update 1-15-16 - dogsPaymaster - 01-23-2016

clean tight look, Willmark! Hope it doesn't give you more of a headache than necessary!