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Registration - Willmark - 09-17-2013

From now on registration is closed in an effort to deter spammers.

If you need to register you can contact me at willmark 1313 @ hotmail .com this is a barely used account so it may take a while to get back to you.


RE: Registration - M4cR1II3n - 09-18-2013

There's still two spambot threads left at the bottom of the forum though, you might want to to sort those out as well.

RE: Registration - Zark The Damned - 09-19-2013

Looks like the spambots have taken offence to this (massive number of threads from PhilipGome)

RE: Registration - Willmark - 09-19-2013

Yeah looks like I'll have to do some updates to the mybb software.

RE: Registration - Willmark - 09-22-2013

Ok I've re-enabled registration, We'll have to see if the changes I made cuts down on the spammers.