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Full Version: Dogs of War Online v2.0 Status Update
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Rather then spell it out I'll post this for a while and update where we are.

In short a large swath of the admin section of the site got wiped out with a few other key sections. Suffice of to say after arguing with my ISP the best bet was to resurrect this and get it back up and running, I am confident we can do it.

Which brings us to backups: the site was backed up there were redundant ones as well. As I described on CDO I could not have planned the sequence of events that led to not having a usable backup for this, lessons noted and learned. In the future all of the admins will have backups to prevent this in the future.

Going forward each of the staff will have short term area of primary responsibility:
Warlord & AGPO- moderation
Baumann and Slick Gold and Glory Issue #2 and restoration of content.

My primary focus will be on restoring functionality and features.
Going forward I will be adding a feature one at a time until it works before moving on to anything else. I was guilty of trying to add way to much and it was a mess behind the scenes. So if anything good came from this its the fact that the behind the scenes will be that much more tidy.

So with that said I first up is getting the theme back in operation. I would imagine we will have that within a few days.
If you like to use the Portal Page (I use it all the time, its up and running).
Tonight I'll repost the Golden Pike I & II contests.
Heh scratch the Golden Pike I & II Reposts; right now there are a few other higher priority tasks. Quite a bit is behind the scenes stuff.

Theme should be restored in the next few days.
Update it's taking a bit longer then I'd like for the update of the theme please stay patient as we work through this.
Well Willmark !! your doing a great job !! Even thow all these site take up most of your time
thanks for all your efforts
Yup, you're doing a great job, have one on me.
Tonight I will try to get the reload of Golden Pike I & II up.
Let me rephrase hopefully thursday, work is killing me.
User Flags are now back up and running!

How to add:
1) Go to your User CP.
2) In the left hand nav on your profile click on "Edit Profile"/
3) Under additional information: click on teh drop down for "User Country".

Also please do not switch your flags this is a nicety that tells everyone where you are from, I'd hate to have to add IP checking to this and enforce it...
Portal Page is now working properly too:
Youtube Functionality has been restored!
Usermap is now back up, but you will have to re-add yourself.
Talk about updates Smile!
Willmark is really working hard behind the scenes.

It might not always look like it, but he's there lurking.

Wait, he's Big Brother watching over you.
Yeah I have been working on stuff that the members will most likely never see, but important none-the-less.
And we love you for it.

Have on on me (and a real one too if oppertunity ever arose!)
Well then feel the love eh? Smile
Also if tonight goes well I should have the Gold Ducat system restored along with rules for using it. I'll ask everyone to not start sending any until you get the go ahead from me. Its a tricky plugin to configure properly as are the settings for how it awards points (in our case ducats).

Lastly I may look into restoring Golden Pike I and the medals plugin , but focus for tonight is Ducats.
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