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This has been a long time coming but I'll make it short and sweet. My interest in Dogs of War and Warhammer in general is at an all time low. I'm currently working on RPGS and haven't picked up a brush in ages, let alone played Warhammer. I'm not too active at the moment at Chaos Dwarfs Online right now either.

So with this in mind I've decided that I'm not going to continue my involvement in the site come January (minimal as it has been).

Now the interesting part. I pay the bill for the server and its come to the point where someone else will need to pick up the bill, join the staff and take DoWO forward. The cost isn't much but I dont see myself being all that active anytime soon.

This is probably long overdue and bear in mind its not about $ either. The costs for the site aren't that much per year. What its about is that I'm not that motivated.

So if you are interested in taking over the site let me know and we can work on transferring the site. This will need to be done by January 18th. If interested send me a PM

Hello all, your second benevolent dictator here.
As it's been all too blatantly obvious i haven't been all too active on here this year. Not through a lack of interest, but because some rather happy developments in my real life- new job, new son, new home that sort of thing.
However i've been having plastic and paint withdrawal symptoms and the only cure is to pick up a paintbrush and go to town Wink
With that in mind i have offered to Willmark to take over the bill if noone else has already done so.

Now to think of how to develop the place......
(12-03-2012, 05:42 PM)Baumann Wrote: [ -> ]Now to think of how to develop the place......

I'm back around if you need help with anything.. Probably better to get with me on CDO though. But we will see. the Dogs of War army for Warmaster has definitely caught my interest.

Great to hear you're taking the site under your wing Baumann.
I hope maybe in future to get my Dogs of War out a bit more, especially since now all my stuff is at my new house (just need to go through all my boxes and setup my painting area I guess!).
Yep I'll send the info to Baumann.
Good that the site and forum will continue with Baumann. Good luck with it and I can try and support in any way I can.

Any thoughts on how to keep things going?
No firm ideas yet. For now i'm concentrating on getting Christmas out of the way, but cometh the year cometh the site or something like that!!
More accurately after the new year i will look to moving the site, and the community forward.
The rent has been paid and thus the site survives for another year.
I shall shortly be looking at developing the site and will be asking for ideas and suggestions in the near future.
The king is dead long live the king! Three hurray's for the new King.