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Full Version: Golden Pike VI Discussion
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Ok now that I have a bit more time what is the thoughts of folks on Golden Pike VI?

I'm starting a poll and I'll let it run a while as people come back to the site.
- Redacted since Paymaster is no longer an option -
Crap forgot we did paymaster for GP II. *edits poll*
A wizard
A non-RoR unit champion!
I second Squirrelfreak:
a wizard - mounted AND foot version please
I like the standard bearer because it is something everyone will have, can be of varied type (mounted, non-human, magical, etc) and should look pretty cool either as a conversion project or just straight out of the blister/box. Who doesn't like a big beautiful flag?

Also from my own bias, I feel like ostentatious banners are one of the hallmarks of a dogs of war army. The bigger, and more elaborate, the better.
A banner comp does have merit.